cathy wtf?

Whiskey “Sour” for sure

If you haven’t heard of this travesty then check this out…

Vintage Whiskey May Be Poured Out – WSMV Nashville

It’s possible 2400 bottles of vintage whiskey, recently seized in a police raid, may have to be POURED DOWN THE DRAIN. Some of the bottles are upwards of 100 years old! I’m not a whiskey drinker myself but that is an absolute travesty. That’s some damn good aged whiskey, if I understand things correctly.

Am I the only one thinking that the law behind the requirement to dump this stuff out should be rethought in this instance? It’s not like these recently were released from their slumber. They’re almost 100 FREAKING YEARS OLD!!

This is a perfect opportunity for a charity auction. Sell those suckers to some suckers, heh, who’ll pay top dollar for ’em and send the money to some deserving charity. One bottle is said to be worth close to $10,000! I’ve got a coupla bucks laying around here somewhere. I’ll take a bottle.

They can give some of the money to my wife who is running a half-marathon and would love some donations to kick cancer’s ass.