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Top Shooter, Baby!

I play pool. I started playing at a startup I worked for named Alteon WebSystems back in 2001-ish. We had the obligatory pool table and we played and discussed solutions to problems until they were solved. Needless to say, we got a lot of play in. I started playing so much that I bought my own cue, accessories, etc. and joined the local league.

I play 8-ball and 9-ball but I’m only playing in the 8-ball league right now. It is competitive play with stats, scores, playoffs and tournaments, and there’s something called the “Top Shooter List”. This is a list of the top players in the league. I’ve been on and off it over the years. As my play improved I’ve been on it more and more.

This session has been particularly fun because even though we’re only four games in, I’ve haven’t lost a match. I’ve even had to play some much better players than me. I don’t think I’ve ever been undefeated after four matches. The exciting about this is that I’m once again on the top shooter list.

I am, however, not just ON the top shooter list… I am THE top shooter as of today!!! Something I’ve NEVER been!! WOOT WOOT!! See?

Top Shooter!

The other two highlighted lines are teammates. I wanted to give props to them too. Oh, and our team name? Say it fast. heh.

Of course, now I have a giant target on my back, and I’ve probably jinxed myself for wednesday. I hope not.

If you are interested in following my matches each week, I twitter them. Follow me and stay up to date.

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We are the champions

First place in 8-ball 2004 Spring Session 

Team “umop 3PISdn” from left: Me, Denny, Leslie, Barret, and Fred. Not pictured, Maria and Andy “Amac”.