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Cathy is running again. I’m happy about that because she loves it. As long as her toes and feet don’t get bitchy it’s awesome. I get winded running to the cafeteria for a soda. 🙂 I’ll stick to exercising with the Wii. And it’s funny listening to her take ice baths after her workouts.

She’s set herself a goal of running in an upcoming half marathon in San Francisco. 13.1 miles. GAH!! And I’ll be there to cheer her on and catch her when she collapses at the finish line. 🙂 hah. Just kidding. She’s part of a local “Team in Training” group and having a blast.

She needs YOUR help though. She’s accepting donations for her run. All the money goes to kick cancer’s ass all over the street. Something that is Cathy has far too much experience dealing with. Please help her reach her goal of $1800 before Super Bowl Sunday (when the Packers will once again regain their title). I’ve started everything off with my donation. Let’s start a conga line. 🙂

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Donated and GE matched. It’s really twice the amount. Good wife support. Why don’t you run with her? {:-)

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