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Transition points

When, exactly, does it go from twisting an ankle to a sprain? What are the qualifications?


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To quote Steve Carell talking about Wikipedia in The Office, “Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information.”

But I think in this case, Wiki’s symptoms listed for sprains are correct:

* localized pain
* swelling
* loss of function


Depends. A twist can do lots of things….just tweak the ankle (I know, tweak isn’t very medical sounding), can be sprain to ligaments, can be broken bone (especially if cannot walk on it), can put strain to tendon. Hard to define which is what. By the way, I have a nice picture of my sprained ankle to send you from the day after the wedding after I had been on it all day. Will have to send it to you. Send me more info via email if you have specific ?’s.

Hey! I was right! I thought “sPrain” was for ligaments and “sTrain” was for tendons, and according to Dr. Mark, I’m right! Looks like 2 1/2 years of grad school and 10 years of debt is paying off!

BTW, why are you asking? Do you need a PT? I can recommend a good one from Wisconsin, but you’d have to pay her way out to you to do some rehab!

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