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Se7en things

I got tagged by Jenni and I normally don’t do these “tag” memes but I figured out a good #1 so I thought I’d go through with it.

  1. Despite the title of this post. I HATED the movie Se7en…. Sorry Cath. You’re never gonna be able to convince me that the time I lost watching that film will ever be returned to me in a positive way.
  2. I work too hard… got that from my dad. no offense, pop. but I’m getting better and my boss is very respectful of the change from 12-14 hour workdays (at times… as a single man) to my now more “normal” 8-10 hour days (as a soon-to-be-wedded-man). I just love what I do.
  3. I religiously try to use my turn signal and despise (seriously) people when they don’t…. It’s a matter of courtesy people. I’ll let you in, if I haven’t previously seen you driving like a dick (definition varies according to my mood). And being in a designated turn lane does NOT give you a pass because “it’s obvious”.
  4. (hoping I don’t get busted by the RIAA for this…) I have over 3000 live concerts downloaded… Yeah, I’m addicted to music. I’ve listened to EVERY one of them (that aren’t currently in my queue). Storage isn’t too much of a problem. Prolly over 100 dvds and over a terabyte of hard drive space filling up quickly. MANY of them are legal boots. And I’ll NEVER take money but WILL freely give.
  5. I moved to California, Christmas 1998, with the idea of creating a social-networking website almost exactly like MySpace, Facebook, etc…. I’m horrible at keeping in touch with old friends. I think about them a lot and wish I was stronger at emailing/calling/pony expressing them and figured an easy-to-update website that allowed you to group friends together into a universally visible “what I’m doing now” sort of thing would be perfect. I lost out on MILLIONS of dollars there. [sigh] I even had a napkin that I made notes on when I was in Minnesota sitting with my friends Monika, Lisa and their husbands, just before moving out here. Miss you guys.
  6. I’m getting married… nuff said. 🙂
  7. I love sports. But maybe not sports you might think of at first. Among my top sports, in no particular order, are… The Scripps National Spelling Bee, The America’s Cup, The Westminster Dog Show (and actually all dog-related shows/sports, including Stupid Pet Tricks), darts, aussie rules football, curling, dodgeball, and last but not least, billiards (in all it’s manifestations)

I started this before I got married so that’s why I had to strikeout the premarraige comments.