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Update to dog cruelty story

CNN is reporting that the man believed to have committed the heinous act of severing a dogs head and giving it back to the young girl who owned it, IN A BOX WRAPPED AS A PRESENT, has been arrested!!!! JOY!!!!

I wrote about this despicable act a little over a week ago, when it was first reported. I haven’t changed my position…

Death Penalty!!!! fucker.

However, there is something that bothers me about this recent event. It’s how he’s being charged. He’s “being held on suspicion of terrorist threats. Police said he may be charged with animal cruelty.”[1] Terrorist threats? Okay, I suppose I can see this. The word “Terrorist” has grown in ominous-ness… ominousity… [shrug] to include much larger targets (see: Bush, War, Osama, etc.) but it still relates to the little guy too. An act commited to terrorize. This, clearly, is such an act.

The part that flummoxes me is that he MAY be charged with animal cruelty. What is the rationale that says that this ISN’T animal cruelty. MAY? MAY??? If this guy isn’t charged with animal cruelty, I weep for our justice system.

Is there a silver lining to this whole story? Yes. This story has touched so many hearts around the world that the reward for information leading to an arrest has grown to over $20,000!! The LARGEST reward amount ever collected by the Humane Society, for any case in their history. One person even offered the girl and her grandmother a vacation! Just to get away for a while.

So, hug your pets today. Tell them you love them. And help out the ones you don’t know. Donate to the Humane Society. The dog/cat/ferret/wombat/pelican 🙂 you help just might be the one that comes home with someone you know tomorrow.


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