Prepare yourself if you’re a dog person

Update 3/23: The person believe to have commited this act has been arrested. Read my updated post here.

I don’t like posting about sad, disgusting stories like this but I just wanted to vent my anger and disgust at such a heinous act of cruelty. If you’re a lover of dogs, you should prepare yourself.

Girl finds missing dog’s head in box on doorstep

Funny, I was just telling Cathy last night that you shouldn’t want someone who does something you dislike to die. We watched the Dixie Chicks documentaryShut Up and Sing” last night (SOOOOO good, you really should see it, even if you don’t like their music) and they’d received a death threat because of Natalie’s statement about being disappointed that the President is from Texas. Hey, I’m sad he’s from America but what are ya gonna do. We joked at one point about wanting someone dead, and I can’t remember who or the exact circumstances behind our desire but it was totally innocent and sarcastic…


Whoever you are that did this. DIE!!!!!

If you feel you need to cleanse yourself after reading this story. Watch this video about 10000 times!!! Yeah, repeat but it always brings a smile to my face.


PS – Yes, it’s “you’re”, not “your”. Thanx Cath.

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