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I’m 72 and I’ll sleep where I want to

I'm 72 and I'll sleep where I want to

This is Jasper. He’s Cathy‘s cat… ummm. our cat? [shrug] Well, anyway. This is where he was when I went to sleep last night. I couldn’t find him at first and I was looking everywhere. Didn’t think he’d plant himself amongst the shoes at the front door. Can’t he SMELL? heh.

Well, he’s 14 and that means he’s 72 in human years. And at 72 you’re pretty much allowed to do whatever you want. Sleep amongst the shoes… Sit around looking silly… Look grumpy (often associated with septegenarians).

Ohhhh, Jasper… [insert wha-wha-whaaaaa music here]

I uploaded this through flickr

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cute, and lucky. My cat’s got 2/10 years on him. That means he scratches whomever he wants to, although he prefers the groomers.

btw, AWW, you claim kitty rights? sweet

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