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This is my 1000th picture on Flickr!! I haven’t been posting new pics because I wanted #1000 to be special. This one is. It’s the recreation of Cathy’s and my first picture. It’s ACTUALLY the recreation of our second pic which was framed better but who’s counting.

This was taken last weekend at Katie Blooms. Mere feet from where we took the first one. We were there with some friends celebrating one year knowing each other. Tonight we celebrate one year of officially dating!! Going back to the same restaurant and theatre. Hitchcock tonight!

I’ll go back to posting more pics and posts now that I’ve gotten over the hump… Jumped the shark… Screwed the pooch… No wait. Scratch those last two. 🙂


I uploaded this through flickr

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Screwed the pooch? You’re scaring me a bit there ,big guy!

Happy anniversary! I’m so glad that you and Cathy found each other. Thanks for being such a wonderful guy and making her so happy.

great picture! you both look so happy. just what i like to see. maybe a few more lines around the eyes, matte. but cathy looks beautiful. what hitchcock did you see? good to know young people still like the classics.
happy anniversary and all that mush.

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