If you can guess the reference and WHY I’m referring to it on this particular day, I’ll burn the first correct commenter a CD of a live show, of their choosing, from my collection of almost 2500 concerts.

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well, you peaked my interest, so i googled. it is a reference to one of your favorite movies–and one i like a lot–young frankenstein. frau blucher was the name when mentioned that the horses all neighed at because it supposedly meant glue in german. however, tues. april 4 is also the day that brokeback comes out in dvd, a film among other things about men on horses, and by a strange coincidence, it is also heath ledger’s birthday. is that the connection you are making?

just read that mel brooks is releasing a set of dvds with all his great movies(and a couple not so great). did they come out on the 4th? is that it? if so, i still think my answer was also pretty good.

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