me me me


Hi there loyal readers of my infrequent musings. Welcome to the new location of my blog. I’m sorry about the change in locations but I’m a little A.D.D. with the urls for my websites and I thought of this one when I was driving one day and wanted to use it instead of the old one.

This is a temporary look for this blog because I wanted to switch to some new blogging software. Never fear though, I’ve got a slick looking design almost ready. It’s all but done in Photoshop but I haven’t cut it up. Look for previews over the next few days.

Meanwhile, enjoy the new blog, the ability to comment (please do, I might even reply), and be on the lookout for new features I’ll be adding over time. My first will be a weekly concert from my ever-expanding collection. It might be someone you know, someone you don’t, but it’ll always be great (even when it’s “Weird Al” Yankovic, much to Cathy’s chagrin).

Don’t forget to update your feeds.

So, enjoy, look around and lemme know what you think.

Share and enjoy.