Underdog Victorious

Bradley BravesHow far can they go???!?!?!?? Underdogs, darlings of the midwest (heh), the #13 Bradley Braves have upset #5 Pitt. For the first time in FIFTY-ONE YEARS, the Braves have made it to the Sweet Sixteen! This is just TOO much fun. I normally don’t watch basketball. Don’t like it. Not a big fan of the SQUEAK-SQUEAK. But when your team is in the tourney, you watch. And when they’re WINNING, you’re INTO IT!! Bouncing. Jumping, Yelling. Cheering.

I DO realize that there’s one downside to all of this fun I’m having. I’m screwing up 99% of the pools out there so I’d like to take this moment to apologize to you all.

Sorry, Aaron.
Sorry, Abby.
Sorry, Abigail.
Sorry, Abraham.
Sorry, Apple.