Bradley BravesBradley has upset Kansas in the first round of the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament!!! Bradley hasn’t been to the tournament in 10 years, let alone WON a game in 20 years. But friday night, St. Patrick’s Day, while I was drinking away with some friends, Bradley was playing like champions. Sure, Kentucky was the game of the night, but up there in the top of the screen was a little scoreboard. And as if they were predicting how the game would turn out, Bradley’s score was on top. Well, that’s what it was like for 99.9% of the game. Bradley on top.

Only TWICE was Bradley ever in the losing column. The first TWO POINTS of the game went to Kansas and then with 4:12 left in the FIRST HALF Kansas retook the lead. However, they NEVER saw it again. Bradley owned the rest of the game.

So congratulations Bradley. Now don’t stop until you’re cutting down those nets!!!