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WordTwit finally works

I was finally able to fix my WordTwit plugin problems. I haven’t been able to get my new posts sent to twitter for a while but that’s fixed now.

If you’re trying and nothing appears to happen when you’re clicking the “Add Account” button in the WordTwit accounts area, you need to set a callback url in your Twitter Application settings. Just make it the url of your blog homepage and then you will be able to add an account.

Let’s see if this post gets tweeted right away and what happens after that.  I’ve been experimenting with IFTTT to get around the “add account” problem but now that WordTwit’s working, I think I can go back to my regular workflow.

  1. Email photo to Flickr (post-to-blog address)
  2. Flickr creates blog post
  3. WordTwit tweets about post
  4. Twitter posts to Facebook

This keeps my blog posts being double posted because of the IFTTT tweet-my-post recipe and the WordTwit plugin.