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Shameless Self Promotion

An article on Tom’s Hardware that I helped with was posted yesterday. It’s about Wi-Fi, it’s problems, why your Wi-Fi sucks and what can be done about it. If you’re interested go ahead and read it. Please suffer through the format as it’s actually a pretty good read, but if you glaze over tech stuff just go look at the images I did for the article. I’m quite pleased with a couple of them. There’s 27 pages in the article, each with a picture (see why I said to suffer through the format?). Specifically, I did the images for pages 1, 21, and 23-26. tip: most have a “zoom” option if you hover over the image

Page 1 and 26 I think are my favorites. Page 1 (shown above) because of how it turned out and page 26 is an homage to XKCD. Page 21 has been dubbed the FrankenAP. I’m not thrilled with page 25 (the two iPads in different orientations) but there were time constraints and limitations in the room setup, and that was even the second time I shot that particular concept. Funny behind-the-scenes note about page 25. I was using a mini-bagel between the stand and the iPad to keep the iPad from leaning back and catching a glare from the overhead fluorescent lights.