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How to fix the Windows desktop context menu after installing Samsung MagicRotation

With the new computer setup I have at work, I needed to have one of my monitors rotated 90° so it would fit until a better solution was attempted. The desktop wasn’t rotating though because I hadn’t installed Samsung’s MagicRotation software. So I did.

After doing so, I noticed that the context menu on my desktop was way screwed up. All the text had shifted over to the right and was unreadable.

messed up context menu

See? WTF? The “MagicRotation” spam branding is pushing the text to the side. Luckily the solution was already on the web. Thank you megacorp search engine starting with a “G”

Turns out if you are running TortoiseGit and/or TortoiseSVN then you need to turn off the icons by adding some registry keys. These are safe additions but as always, backup your registry before attempting to mess with it.

Just add a DWORD entry at either “HKCU\Software\Tort​oiseSVN\ ShowContextMenuIcons” or “HKCU\Software\Tort​oiseGit\ ShowContextMenuIcons” depending on the programs you are using. It should have a hex or decimal value, doesn’t matter which, of “0” (zero).

After that, just wait a few seconds and your context menu should be readable again, but without the icons for those programs. A small, and IMHO welcome, compromise that I can live with