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quite a harvest

quite a harvest

I picked a LOT of lemons off our tree tonight. We hadn’t picked lemons in a LONG time and, with the rough weather we’ve been having lately, many of the branches were starting to droop from the weight of so many. So I decided to take some of the weight off many of them. This is our largest harvest. Not as many huge ones, like we’re used to. More of the size you find at the grocery store, but I think we’ll start seeing some larger ones soon. Especially if I thin out the crop a little. We don’t have a scale at home otherwise I could tell you how heavy they all weighed. Maybe tomorrow.

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How can we get some of those here? I am out of my last supply. And I am wondering how you are doing with all the rain.

You could turn them into batteries, make a relay and power up something really cool. You need just
a paper clip, a copper nail, and coated copper wire to make a lemon battery to power like a flashlight bulb. Just think what you can do.

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