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Diablo III

To say that this TOTALLY made my weekend would be one of the biggest understatements EVER!!!! In the back of my mind I just knew they had to be working on the successor to my favorite video game ever but it never pushed far enough forward for me to dive into the Intertubes to see if any rumors were swirling of it’s successor. Well, it’s finally been announced. Diablo 3 is on it’s way… sometime. As usual Blizzard is taking their sweet little time getting it right, and I applaud them for that. I can wait. I’m a patient man. After that though, Cathy isn’t going to see me for weeks. 🙂

This was an extremely productive weekend as well, despite my head not being 100% into what I was doing due to a certain video game announcement. But I rewired the house phone lines, installed two new wall jacks for the phone and cable in the two offices and Cath and I installed a new foyer ceiling light. I surprised her with the hallway light replacement last night.

The handyman part of me is finally able to come out and play. I even got to kill many many many ants last night that had all gotten together and made a decision to enjoy the cat food in our kitchen. Well, Cath took care of the inside ants while I drove home and then killed EVERY SINGLE ANT ON OUR OUR PROPERTY. Including two queens.

Now… where was that Diablo 2 disc…

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You just let me know when you want to get into a D3 game, my friend. Guess I’ll have to migrate over to the US West server farm. 🙂

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