cathy me me me mobile


TwitterI caved in. I joined Twitter. Cathy was having so much fun that I just had to try it out myself. So off I went and signed up.

The best thing about it, at least for our family, is that now that we’ve switched from separate Verizon/T-Mobile account holders and joined AT&T under a family plan, we’re getting UNLIMITED MESSAGING! Sure when we signed up, we were only getting 1500 messages a month per line. ONLY 1500! Can you believe it? However when I called AT&T and was placed on hold, I heard a “hold ad” that said I should ask my AT&T representative about a family messaging plan. So I did, and you know what? You can get a family messaging plan wih UNLIMITED MESSAGES for the same price as two 1500 message plans!! SUCH a deal. You should call AT&T right now and change to this plan, if you’re on a family plan. Go ahead. I’ll wait…

hm-hm-hm. The girl from Ipanema… oh, you’re back!

So, what I’m saying is that I joined Twitter. FOLLOW ME!!!!