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OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OMG!!!!! I was literally curled up in a ball watching the end of the Giants game through my knees. I’m sooooo glad we don’t have to worry about Dallas anymore.

And now we’re one game away from gong back to the Super Bowl. If we win, I’ve said that I’m hosting another Super Bowl party at our apartment. However, it’s gonna be a weird day because Cathy is running a half-marathon in the morning. So I won’t be getting much party support that day. I guess we’ll have to have everything ready the day before. It’s a good thing that the game is later in the day because I’m not going to not be in SF to support my wife while she kills herself runs her cute little legs off.

WOO HOO!!!! GO PACKERS!!!!!!!!!

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you probably would appreciate all the media hype around here. it is crazy. almost all packers all hours. even more than when we went to the super bowls. can’t imagine how wild it will be after sun. when we ARE going to the super bowl.

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