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Peter Mulvey – Look Ma, No Gasoline

Peter Mulvey - Look Ma, No Gasoline
(photo taken from Peter’s website. Don’t know who took it)

Here are some YouTube examples of why Peter is just an amazing singer/songwriter. I mention Peter every now and then and just realized how easy it is to show how good he is.

If you are in Wisconsin you owe it to yourself to experience him live. He’s currently doing a “bicycle tour” around southern Wisconsin. Yup. Biking to all venues. It’s not because his car has over 400,000 miles on it (if he’s even driving that beast anymore. heh). It’s called the “Look Ma, No Gasoline” tour. Man! Sometimes I wish I still lived in Wisconsin. Once or so a year in California is DEFINITELY not enough. 🙂 I hope he announces some California dates soon.

Enjoy the videos after the jump.

Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad and Far Away From Home (one of my favorites)

Bank Robber (Clash cover)

Tender Blindspot


The Knuckleball Suite

and now a couple of videos of Redbird with Peter, Kris Delmhorst, and Jeffrey Foucault


White Freightliner Blues

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Matte – Enjoyed reading your blog site and getting caught up on all of your news. Congratulations on getting married. Cathy sounds wonderful.

Does Peter ever come through Texas? He reminds me a lot of a distant counsin (cousin twice removed) I have who is a pretty well known singer-songwriter in Austin, Slaid Cleaves. In fact if you google Cleaves you’ll find links for Slaid and Mateen (basketball player) as the most mentioned (and likely famous) Cleaves. If you have an iTunes account, he has a page on there if you punch his name in.

Check him out. Different style of music, but very similar in subject matter, etc.

Matt (no e)

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