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“Thank you”s

Saying “Thank You” is, sometimes, not easy to do. Cathy and I recently got married. We received wedding gifts. We love them. Heck, we asked for them. So, we should tell the people who sent gifts that we are thankful that they sent them. That means we need to send “Thank You” cards to those people. But here’s the thing…

The wedding is over. The honeymoon is over, both literally and figuratively. We’re back to just “Cathy and Matte”. So it can be hard to go back to when we needed to do things for the wedding. Thank you cards are almost always an afterthought, in any wedding. They SHOULD be a “duringthought” (© Me 2007. heh). As soon as you receive a gift, you should write a card. And that WAS the plan. But wedding plans get in the way. Life gets in the way. So they slip, until you find out a family member mentioned they haven’t received a thank you card that hasn’t been written yet. That turned out to be just the kick-in-the-ass we (and when I say “we”, I mean Cathy) needed.

So, Cathy ROCKED this weekend writing wedding gift thank you cards. I signed ’em. There were times when she asked if I’d like to write the cards to “my” people. I didn’t. You see, it’s like this… I don’t write. It’s not that it’s easier for Cathy to write but, well, it is. You should see these cards. You could write a best-selling book with the collection of the cards. I don’t know how she does it but I’m glad I married such a word smith. If you are one of the privileged few who will receive a card, you will soon know what I’m talking about.

Another reason? Penmanship. I’ve NEVER had excellent penmanship. I learned cursive back in the day, but I stopped using it soon after. And writing hurts my hand after a while anyways. I’m a programmer/designer. I don’t need to write with my hand anymore. I have keyboards for that.

There was one problem. Insert a DELICIOUS bottle of Wente 2004 Nth Degree Chardonnay and even Cathy’s penmanship can slide. “O”s she said were “C”s. “S”s that looked like “R”s (lowercase cursive, try it without the loopback undercut). But she’s a trooper and she pushed through. Even with my snickering. 🙂

She didn’t finish, but there ARE quite a few to write. I do want to write a FEW “Thank you”s though. They are to my wife.

Thank you for giving me your number

Thank you for saying you’d go out with me again

Thank you for saying “Yes”

Thank you for saying “I do”

Thank you for …