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Blast from the past

My buddy Dave just posted this video to YouTube. I had completely forgotten about it! Totally takes me back… Here’s the story, as Dave puts it…

This is an old PSA (1993) for the Church of Latter Day Saints. Not that I’m big into that cause, but the story behind this PSA for me…

Back when I worked at WEEK, sometimes our newscasts would run short. When they did, we would add a station promo or PSA to fill time. When we discovered this gem, it became a favorite of the crew and we would run it whenever we could. The 60 version is a lot better than the 30… it features extra rejections.


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During the newscasts when Hank had asked for this PSA to be added to a break, there was a certain moment of satisfaction that came when that loud big band music came crashing through at the start of the spot. I can remember cheering for it. Ahhhhh, memories….


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