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[insert spooky door creaking sound]

Hey folks. I’m peeking my head out from behind the door to let you know I still exist. I’m working on my manifesto…. ummm. heh. just kidding…

I do have two things to quickly mention.

First… If you’re “in the know”, Cathy and I have updated our wedding website. The design hasn’t been tweaked to reflect the old design yet but we felt it more important to just get it changed. Hopefully there will be more frequent updates and you can subscribe to the RSS feed to get updates as well. So make sure you check it out if you know the url. No, we’re not giving it out willy-nilly. At least not until after the wedding.

Secondly… what are y’all doing on June 13th at 6:30pm Pacific time? Don’t know yet? CATHY AND I DO!!!! LA LA LA!!!! I’ll tell ya what we’re doing after you click the “more” link… (ooh, the suspense!)

The Police - On Tour

WE’RE SEEING “THE POLICE” REUNION TOUR!!!!!! Yeah, we had to mortgage the house we don’t have yet but, dammit, if it ain’t gonna be worth it!!!!

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