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My favorite Super Bowl XLI moments

  1. The opening kickoff returned for a touchdown. GO BEARS!!!!
  2. David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey in love
  3. Back-to-back fumbles. I love an exciting game.
  4. Thinking that your team was going to win but being happy for the opposing team’s quarterback who FINALLY won a Super Bowl.
  5. The Garmin ad with GarminMan.
  6. Hating Comcast because they suck. (signal quality my ass)

And are Cathy and I the only ones who thought this years commercials SUCKED ASS!!??!??!??? WTF!? If I were the CEO who approved a commercial in this year’s Super Bowl for what ever exorbitant amount of extortion money they charged, and realized they competed against that WEAK ASS collection of commercials, I’d resign.

They SUCKED this year. And NO I’m not lashing out because the team I was rooting for lost. Really!!! Can the best non-game moment be David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey lovin’ in front of the TV??? This is the Super Bowl!!!! People are supposed to step up with the commercials!!!

We’re supposed to not be able to work on monday because we can’t stop talking about the commercials. The game is supposed to play second fiddle to the commercials. This year, I think even PRINCE played better than the teams and the commercials.

At least Brett is coming back!!!!!

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How … oh HOW … can you have been rootin’ for the Bears?!? My faith in you is shaken, my friend. *shakes head sadly* The Colts pwned ’em. Thank goodness. 🙂

I agree. As a Packer fan, that is a major no-no! Even if they are the NFC representative. I’m happy Brett’s coming back since they play the Rams in St Louis this year. Maybe this year I can get his autograph instead of just a picture of him as I’m walking off the field from Lambeau. (I’ll have to show you and Bill that one!)

i have to admit to rooting for the bears as well. nfc and all that. but didn’t you like the bud rock, paper, scissors ad? and the cartoon coke ad was terrific. have to agree that others were lame. journal review hated the garmin ad. thought most people didn’t know what garmin sold and the commercial didn’t help. some ad exec. from wi was interviewed on wtmj this morning. said the chevy commercial with all the old songs cost them about 23 million after getting the rights to use all the songs. wondered if gm should have put the money to better use.

Were you watching in HD on cable? I’ve heard a lot of people say that the signal quality of a re-transmitted HD signal (an off-air signal turned around and rebroadcast over cable-TV) is much worse than simply receiving it off-air with an antenna. The cable company is supposed to just pass the HD stream along as-is, but I think most cable companies receive it and recompress it before sending it out, which is going to add all sorts of artifacts to the picture.

I watched in standard def, on a 13″ monitor with the top 15% of the picture folded over onto itself (the monitor is going bad) so I couldn’t see the score or time. 🙂

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