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Thank you TVUplayer

Tonight I was stuck at work trying to get my capistrano deployments working and I was listening to game 5 of the World Series. I couldn’t watch it and the Cards were quickly moving towards winning the game and The Series. However, with no TV nearby I couldn’t watch it. And everyone knows (you know. you really do) that you can’t just listen to the game when it finally ends and the winner is announced. What was I to do?

I realized that at some point in the past I’d downloaded this lovely piece of software called TVUplayer. It’s TV over the web but not like you’re used to hearing about it. They’re clever about how you receive the data. Kind of like how BitTorrent is a large mesh of users sharing data so that the speed can be very high, same here. Many users are watching the channel I want to watch so the datarate is better. Less users, the crappier the channel will look. Lifehacker may have described a little better than me.

Long story short. I got to WATCH the end of the game… sitting at my desk at work!!!

Isn’t technology wonderful? heh. Oh… and BTW – CONGRATULATIONS St. Louis!!!