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What the…

Why did I get to see this advertisement when reading my mail the other day?

Ad for a stripper pole in GMail
I’ve uploaded
a bigger version of the first image to Flickr.

Now, not that I don’t appreciate a good stripper pole. And not that I haven’t thought of having one installed. And not that I don’t have someone I’d like to see using it. And not that she hasn’t ever used one….

The pole dancers

Umm…. What was my point? I got distracted. 🙂

Oh yeah. I know why Google felt I should be shown that. GMail noticed that my friend Arlene had sent several of her friends an email that referenced “pole dancing”. Now, I’m a red-blooded male and I’ll admit the first thing that comes to mind when I hear “pole dancing” is the naughty kind. 😛 I’ve seen my share but I would have appreciated something other than an advertisement. “Pole dancing” doesn’t have to begin and end with the naughty kind.

Why not a helpful suggestion to take in a classic film that involves pole dancing?

Singing in the Rain

How about a link to Cute Overload where you might enjoy a different kind of blonde pole dancer…

Blonde Pole Dancer

Definitely not THIS kind of pole dancer…

Some guy pole dancing

Somewhere the pole dancer has been given a statue in their name and likeness. I’m guessing Las Vegas…

Even a statue's gots to get paid

Now THIS poledancing is REALLY getting me HOT. 🙂

Maypole Dancing