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She said “YES” :)

Like I said the other day, I’ve created a monster. Wanna know why? If you’ve already read my sweetie’s blog post then you already know. If you haven’t, then read on…

Will you marry me?

I asked Cathy to marry me!!!!

And guess what? She said “YES!!!”


I could write up this big post about how I had planned it out. Convinced some friends of ours to take their kids there a coupla days earlier than us and just happen to conveniently be there for this momentous occasion. I’d be lying about THAT part though. 🙂

Well, I DID plan it out. And those same friends WERE there, but that wasn’t my doing. They were already going to be there on their OWN vacation. And it all happened PERFECTLY! (yup, I like capital letters in this post.) I hope to even have VIDEO of all this very soon (no hurry Jenni).

I could tell you those things and even about how we told my family, but I think my fiancée (I LOVE saying that. heh) said it better than I could. So head on over to her blog post and read all about it. And when you’re done doing that, head on over to my Flickr set to see the other photos.

Oh, and that “I created a monster” thing? She can’t go five minutes without looking at her ring and saying how shiny it is. But I can handle it. I think so too. 🙂


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You guys are so cute! I know I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again… I’m so glad you and Cath found each other! I’ll get to work on that video soon…

Matte & Cathy ~

CONGRATULATIONS!! :)) May God bless both of you as you plan your wedding and your future together!

Good job Matte. Very impressive plotting. Abe Lincoln was the only one who witnessed our engagement. Contrary to published report, he did not stand up. Looking forward to a wedding in California. Please have it in the winter so we can get out of the midwest. Oh, and nice ring.

Good Job Matte! I also vote for a winter event! We are very happy for both of you! And the ring is great! Can’t wait for Christmas – show and tell! Love, Us

We’re so very happy for you! Good luck with YOUR wedding plans on YOUR time frame and schedule. After all, it’s YOUR day! We’ll be there, where ever, when ever! Oh, and I STILL love looking at my wedding ring and how shiny that itty, bitty diamond is:)

Well since I’m the delayed one to actually read the blog and get the news, I must say congratulations to the two of you. I’m truly honored to be the best man for the wedding. Guess I’ll have to start working on my speech now! Looking forward to the big day!

Something special about being engaged at Disney. I did as well, although up in the California Grill prior to the fireworks going off for the evening. Was perfect. Amazing how Disney magic can make everything that much more special!

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