Jackass in Mountain View paper

So I was getting my usual thursday sandwich today at this great corner deli I love and they have copies of the local Mountain View newspaper on several of the tables. While waiting for my lunch I was perusing the paper and on page 3 of the paper they had a topless woman!!! wha? HAH. Just kidding (wish I wasn’t).

Truthfully, they had an area where a question was posed to several people and their response and picture were posted. The question in today’s paper? I don’t remember it word for word but let’s just say it went like this…

“Were you suprised by the way that Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Guy, died?”

4 of the 5 people were nice saying how sad it was. They weren’t surprised since it can be a dangerous job. Then there’s the 5th person I would like to name “Waste of Greymatter”. WOG had this to say… (again, not word for word but the sentiment is right)

“I’m not surprised so much as amused. I mean who get’s killed by a harmless creature like that”

AMUSED!!!???!?!! WTF!!!! Stop that person from procreating. PLEASE!!