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The sausages are here!!!!

The sausages are here!!!!

I was sad. I was gonna go to a Brewers game and I wasn’t gonna see a sausage race. GUESS WHAT??!!?! The sausages came to the game!!! WOOT!!! Winner…. HOT DOG!!! No upstart San Fran challenger was gonna beat our “seasoned” pros. HAH!!!! Get it? Seasoned. I’m funny. Cathy doesn’t get it. That’s alright. She’s not a Wisconsonian. I’ll teach her.

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guess you can’t have a brat win in california. hot dogs are so appropriate. and usually people mispronounce the word to sound like a naughty child! but at least you had a touch of home. too bad we lost.

The “sauchages” are Noah’s favorite part of the Brewer game, too! I’m trying to convert him to a brat fan (my personal favorite!). Noah actually got to give the hot dog a high five at the Elm Grove Memorial Day parade. Cool! No Bernie, huh?

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