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“Let there be farts”

Farting Preacher

Please forgive a joyous juvenile moment but I’VE FOUND IT. People, can you you say “Hallelujah?” Something spoke to me today and said to me, “go-eth out and find-eth thee the belly-hurting, gut-busting moving pictures of religious flatulence.” And so it is written… ummm, said,… so it shall be done. (-Yul Brynner-ish)

Children, harken unto me. It was the time of college and my flock-mates show-eth unto mine eyes a video they believed… no… they fervently believed… would do unto me as they had done unto themselves. And lo, as I beheld the joy that is religious flatulence, I too became a believer.

Farting Preacher – Google Video

ps – okay. that thing that spoke to me was my copy of a Yonder Mountain String Band concert from Jan. 29, 2006. I never said it was a burning bush. jeez.