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DAMN that’s a good steak

Ruth's Chris filet

Cath introduced me to Ruth’s Chris tonight. All I can say is “DAMN that’s a good steak!!” I had the buffalo ribeye special tonight with a delicious creole mustard sauce on top and sauteed mushrooms. Cathy had the petite filet and aparagus (see picture. not her ACTUAL steak <heh>). We each downed a glass and a half of some pricey but DAMN GOOD wine. Finished it off with the BEST creme brulee I have EVER had!!!!!!

The buffalo was good (shoulda gone with the medium-rare, like the chef suggests) and the mustard sauce was AWESOME but Cathy’s filet was the ABSOLUTE BEST piece of steak I have ever eaten. Even if I did have just a tiny bite it was enough to know that next time I’m getting THAT!!

You MUST go there. Clean out the college fund if you have to, but GO!! You won’t be sorry.

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