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Peter Mulvey night 1

Peter Mulvey at Don Quixotes
Peter Mulvey in Felton, CA tuesday night. Started sparsely populated. Maybe 10 or 11 people. By the end of the night I think there were about 20. Not TOO shabby. Hopefully there’ll be a better turnout tomorrow in San Jose. I know that I’m helping out. Plans are to have 5 or 6 of us.

Greg Trooper opened up and right away I’m a big fan. I’ve never heard him before, much less heard OF him. Count me in though. Great singer/songwriter. Very personable on stage which goes a long way toward my liking you.

After Greg’s done it’s time for a break. Check on game 3 of the World Series. Bottom of the 9th. Astros have tied it up. Awesome pitching to get out of a jam. Bottom of the 10th. The girl behind the bar, Amy, cracks the whip and Peter gets up on stage.

Peter never disappoints. Awesome songs. Witty banter. One of the songs he does is a cover of “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie. Sweet! I love Bowie. But what to follow with…? I suggest “I Gotta Get Drunk” by Willie Nelson but darnit if that isn’t a song that Jeffrey Foucault does. Shoot. But Peter steps right up and plays a song I’m calling “Hungry Man.” Great song. I still think the drunk song is more fun, if only because, well, it’s about alcohol. <grin>

Finishes his main set with one of my favorites. “Sad, Sad, Sad, Sad, and Far Away From Home” off his “Kitchen Radio” album. Oof. Astros collapse in the 14th!! How do you walk in a run? YAY!! Go Sox! Sorry. Got distracted on the way home.

The encore is a Warren Zevon song with Greg. Awesome! Then one last solo song. Great show. Totally looking forward to the next two nights! Dunno if i’ll report so fully. Prolly not.

GO SEE PETER!!! You won’t be sorry.