mobile technology

Anyone have any connections…

… to someone who can get me a Treo 650 for less than $500? One of my coworkers knows someone at PalmOne but we’re having trouble getting one through them. I desperately need to replace my two-year old Nokia 3310. My phone is older than my nephew. I may have to give up my geek membership card. <grin>

eBay is no help. All auctions end above $550ish. I don’t WANT to go over $500 but if it doesn’t happen soon, I may…. just…. crack….

A blackberry is an option but I tested both the Treo and the T-Mobile Blackberry 7100t. I wasn’t as impressed by the blackberry as I thought I would be. It was nice at first but then I picked up the Treo.

I don’t want to have to go back to the Palm OS after having a PocketPC iPaq for a while (dead now. sigh.) but the Treo is a good enough combination until PalmOne releases their PocketPC version of the Treo, or even the Cobalt version.