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Email signature etiquette

Folks… If the signature of your email is longer than the actual message you’re conveying, it’s TOO LONG!!!!! A signature is just that … A SIGNATURE. Not the prospectus of your company.

Name, contact information. That’s IT. And if you can compact your contact info to a few lines, instead of 6, 7, 10 lines, PLEASE do it. There was a time where signatures would be truncated if they went past a certain number of lines. You don’t have to split your job title or company url to another line. That saves a couple of lines.

[name] – [job title]
Phone: (###) ###-####
[company name] <>

Bang. Nice and compact. Respectful. My signature? Two lines. TWO.

name / email
job title / websites

That’s it. Listen and learn.

Sometimes technological advancement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.