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Pop Goes the GMail

Finally, I have a justification to get a GMail account. Looks like someone finally wrote a POP3 access program for GMail. Check it.

Now if only I had an account. Anyone have an invite??? Please???

[UPDATE] – I HAVE AN ACCOUNT!!! Thank you Carey for the invite. Happytowners RULE!!!! Everybody else DROOLS!!!! heh. I’ll send an email announcement to people soon with my new email address. -> [Alpha] Pop Goes the GMail

cool firefox technology tips work

Firefox 0.9 and Thunderbird 0.7 are out!!

Get them now folks!!! Dump Internet Exploder and start browsing with the best browser (IMNSHO) on the internet today.

Get Firefox Get Thunderbird

Don’t forget to uninstall your previous versions. It won’t delete your bookmarks and other things. If you didn’t use an install program before, just delete the program directories.

music wtf?

Ba bup ba bup ba buuuuup bup

My second favorite commercial at the moment. When this campaign started, there was a longer version where they bald guy did more dancing. I want to be like him. 🙂

Can anyone tell me where I can get that song?? PLEASE??!??!?

Update: Apparently it’s “We Like to Party” by the Vengaboys. must download that song!

cool friends pool sports

We are the champions

First place in 8-ball 2004 Spring Session 

Team “umop 3PISdn” from left: Me, Denny, Leslie, Barret, and Fred. Not pictured, Maria and Andy “Amac”.

cool design wtf?

Own a vintage stand-up video game console …

For just the low-low price of… well… a piece of paper, scissors, and some tape/glue/gum.

funny tv wtf?

My current favorite …

… commercial. 6 little words…

“nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea”

… and can someone PLEASE tell me where I’ve seen the redheaded woman in the new Citibank commercial? The one where they are laying in bed and she says that maybe it’s time they new each other’s names. Grrr. It’s been BUGGING ME!!!!

car cool

My sweet ride

My sweet ride

Okay, okay. Here it is.

me me me

I blog therefore, I … blog

Let’s get this thing started. I’m not sure but I think I have given up on writing my own blogging software for my website. I’m too busy with work and other things to try and write something on my own. So off to Blogger I go.

I can’t say that I’ll write a lot. I usually don’t. However the beauty of this system is that there is an Atom-formatted (ed. unfortunately) RSS feed to subscribe to my new feed (see sidebar) is available. You won’t have to keep coming back to the website to see if I’ve posted a new flash of genius. Just subscribe to my feed my new feed (see sidebar) using your favorite RSS reader, or use my favorite.


p.s. – I know the template is a little fugly right now, but I had to choose a temporary one for the time-being. TRUST me, I’ll have a new design soon.