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The ducks are back

Paraphrasing Scotty from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home… “There be ducks here”. FINALLY got my car washed at the car wash where the horrible incident with the asshole who killed some ducks. I was very happy to see that there are ducks there again.


Picture galleries are back from the dead…

… but they’re on life support.

Took some time to get my old picture galleries back up and running. They’re really out of date and I’ve got a LOT of new pictures to start posting. The software is old and the look is from a previous design. I need to get a new design done, new software installed, etc. But for now…


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Cafe Du Nord and Jill Sobule

Cafe Du Nord
Couldn’t ask for a nicer end of a Monday. Ok, the picture is of the bar but I like this bar. 🙂 and I’d feel weird taking a picture of Jill on my phone. Plenty of pictures will be available soon in my soon-to-be-open music related website. If I ever make one. 🙂

family photography

Noah, my nephew

Noah at 19 months

GO BADGERS!!!! Not sure of the basketball though. Should be a volleyball!!!!! Or a football.

cool photography technology

Want one!!

Lensbabies >>> camera lenses that create a movable ‘sweet spot’ area of focus

… back to work.

family funny photography sports


My nephew. Does this kid love the camera or what?

with Mom at the Brewers game
outside playing golf
design photography work

Cool map collection

Alabama Maps

cool funny photography wtf?


Wanna take them ALL home. Well, not the cats.

My favs in no particular order (except for the first one)

Dogs are the CUTEST!!! Cats just look freaky when using a fisheye lens. Cases in point