funny video wtf?

Joe Cartoon: yo-yo-yo!!

You can’t help but giggle over this one.

Joe Cartoon: yo-yo-yo!!

funny video wtf?

REQUIRED viewing for thursday …

Feast on this you danceateria types… <blang>

cool funny sports

Games of the World

Some weird games in here.

cool funny tips video

The new “I can’t wait to see it!!!!” movie!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE EXPLANATION MARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team America

cool funny photography wtf?


Wanna take them ALL home. Well, not the cats.

My favs in no particular order (except for the first one)

Dogs are the CUTEST!!! Cats just look freaky when using a fisheye lens. Cases in point

cool funny video

HHGttG Trailer!! HHGttG Trailer!! HHGttG Trailer!! HHGttG Trailer!!

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cool funny tv

And the winner is …

Now THIS is cool!!! The Daily Show, one of my favorite shows on TV, has won an award from the Television Critics Association. Was it for best comedy? Nope. Was it for best comedy? Nope. “Arrested Development” got it, and deservedly so.

It was for “Outstanding Achievement in News and Information”. TDS beat out 60 Minutes, Frontline, Meet the Press, and Nightline!!!! I’m flabbergasted and overjoyed.

Clipped from a Seattle Times article I linked to below…

Stewart sent a tape of himself seated at “The Daily Show” anchor desk, expressing bewilderment at the idea of getting an award for news programming on the heels of last year’s TCA award for best comedy.

“We’re fake,” he said. “See this desk? … It folds up at the end of the day, and I take it home in my purse.”

The complete list with winners

funny tv wtf?

My current favorite …

… commercial. 6 little words…

“nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea”

… and can someone PLEASE tell me where I’ve seen the redheaded woman in the new Citibank commercial? The one where they are laying in bed and she says that maybe it’s time they new each other’s names. Grrr. It’s been BUGGING ME!!!!