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Mmmm. Ballpark franks

At the ballpark

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Congrats Steph and Brian

Congrats on Kate Isabel. Can’t wait to see her the next time I’m back home.

The Packers give advice to Stephanie

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When you just can’t get enough of Steph

<grin /> courtesy MSNBC » Brian » Steph » Liza » me » you

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Pucca Love

Heh. my friend Meem just introduced me to these. They’re cute. Almost as good as Joe Cartoon.

AsiaFinest Pucca Love Flash Episodes

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“The Debate Show” Fraud / 2 Degrees of Separation

Don’t become an expert at anything. Especially if you might end up on a tv show to debate that subject.

Now, if you want to write a book about something and you get an invite to The Daily Show. DO IT!! My friend Steve Hayes did just that. He wrote a book about the connection between Saddam Hussein’s regime and al-Qaeda and now he’s going to be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart!!!!

Two degrees of separation from the smartest late night comedian/tv host!!! I’m jealous Steve!!!!

So many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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We are the champions

First place in 8-ball 2004 Spring Session 

Team “umop 3PISdn” from left: Me, Denny, Leslie, Barret, and Fred. Not pictured, Maria and Andy “Amac”.