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And the winner is …

Now THIS is cool!!! The Daily Show, one of my favorite shows on TV, has won an award from the Television Critics Association. Was it for best comedy? Nope. Was it for best comedy? Nope. “Arrested Development” got it, and deservedly so.

It was for “Outstanding Achievement in News and Information”. TDS beat out 60 Minutes, Frontline, Meet the Press, and Nightline!!!! I’m flabbergasted and overjoyed.

Clipped from a Seattle Times article I linked to below…

Stewart sent a tape of himself seated at “The Daily Show” anchor desk, expressing bewilderment at the idea of getting an award for news programming on the heels of last year’s TCA award for best comedy.

“We’re fake,” he said. “See this desk? … It folds up at the end of the day, and I take it home in my purse.”

The complete list with winners

cool firefox

If only this were true of the general public.

I couldn’t pass this up. 🙂

What if Mozilla were to win in the end? via DivaBlog
Another report via a preponderance of evidence

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“The Debate Show” Fraud / 2 Degrees of Separation

Don’t become an expert at anything. Especially if you might end up on a tv show to debate that subject.

Now, if you want to write a book about something and you get an invite to The Daily Show. DO IT!! My friend Steve Hayes did just that. He wrote a book about the connection between Saddam Hussein’s regime and al-Qaeda and now he’s going to be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart!!!!

Two degrees of separation from the smartest late night comedian/tv host!!! I’m jealous Steve!!!!

So many exclamation marks!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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Pop Goes the GMail

Finally, I have a justification to get a GMail account. Looks like someone finally wrote a POP3 access program for GMail. Check it.

Now if only I had an account. Anyone have an invite??? Please???

[UPDATE] – I HAVE AN ACCOUNT!!! Thank you Carey for the invite. Happytowners RULE!!!! Everybody else DROOLS!!!! heh. I’ll send an email announcement to people soon with my new email address. -> [Alpha] Pop Goes the GMail

cool firefox technology tips work

Firefox 0.9 and Thunderbird 0.7 are out!!

Get them now folks!!! Dump Internet Exploder and start browsing with the best browser (IMNSHO) on the internet today.

Get Firefox Get Thunderbird

Don’t forget to uninstall your previous versions. It won’t delete your bookmarks and other things. If you didn’t use an install program before, just delete the program directories.

cool friends pool sports

We are the champions

First place in 8-ball 2004 Spring Session 

Team “umop 3PISdn” from left: Me, Denny, Leslie, Barret, and Fred. Not pictured, Maria and Andy “Amac”.

cool design wtf?

Own a vintage stand-up video game console …

For just the low-low price of… well… a piece of paper, scissors, and some tape/glue/gum.

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My sweet ride

My sweet ride

Okay, okay. Here it is.