How to fix the Windows desktop context menu after installing Samsung MagicRotation

With the new computer setup I have at work, I needed to have one of my monitors rotated 90° so it would fit until a better solution was attempted. The desktop wasn’t rotating though because I hadn’t installed Samsung’s MagicRotation software. So I did.

After doing so, I noticed that the context menu on my desktop was way screwed up. All the text had shifted over to the right and was unreadable.

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how to think of “git diff” using branch names

This post is more of a note to myself to remember how to think of certain git diff commands but it might be useful to other newbie-ish users of git. This is from my own experimentation, since I couldn’t find a good newbie-understandable explanation of this on the Interwebs.

git diff <branch name> – means what would change if we applied the current working HEAD of the branch we are on, including all unstaged/uncommitted changes, to the named branch.

git diff <branch 1> <branch 2> – means what would change if we applied <branch 2> onto <branch 1>