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Update to dog cruelty story

CNN is reporting that the man believed to have committed the heinous act of severing a dogs head and giving it back to the young girl who owned it, IN A BOX WRAPPED AS A PRESENT, has been arrested!!!! JOY!!!!

I wrote about this despicable act a little over a week ago, when it was first reported. I haven’t changed my position…

Death Penalty!!!! fucker.

However, there is something that bothers me about this recent event. It’s how he’s being charged. He’s “being held on suspicion of terrorist threats. Police said he may be charged with animal cruelty.”[1] Terrorist threats? Okay, I suppose I can see this. The word “Terrorist” has grown in ominous-ness… ominousity… [shrug] to include much larger targets (see: Bush, War, Osama, etc.) but it still relates to the little guy too. An act commited to terrorize. This, clearly, is such an act.

The part that flummoxes me is that he MAY be charged with animal cruelty. What is the rationale that says that this ISN’T animal cruelty. MAY? MAY??? If this guy isn’t charged with animal cruelty, I weep for our justice system.

Is there a silver lining to this whole story? Yes. This story has touched so many hearts around the world that the reward for information leading to an arrest has grown to over $20,000!! The LARGEST reward amount ever collected by the Humane Society, for any case in their history. One person even offered the girl and her grandmother a vacation! Just to get away for a while.

So, hug your pets today. Tell them you love them. And help out the ones you don’t know. Donate to the Humane Society. The dog/cat/ferret/wombat/pelican 🙂 you help just might be the one that comes home with someone you know tomorrow.


cool me me me pets photography

WOOT!!! Famous Kitteh

So there’s this website called If you don’t know about it, you owe it to yourself to go read it and learn about how to be a smarter consumer and find out about evil evil companies… So like I was saying, there’s this website called and they have started to use flickr images for pictures above each of their posts. Guess who’s been chosen for one of those pictures…



See the Consumerist post here and while you’re at it, check out the picture they chose on it’s original flickr page.

cool me me me pets photography


YAY! A picture I took of our little Daphers (along with her cousin Maggie) was recently honored in one of the oldest “Top Views” groups on flickr and she got a blog post over here too. It’s one of my favorite pictures of all time, that I took. Here’s a small version but click it for the flickr page and gaze upon the accolades. Don’t forget to “view all sizes” so you can see the full-size version. Her eye is cool!!

2007-01-02 beautiful daphne

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Death Kitty and the Fat Man

To make up for the upsetting post below, enjoy this…


This is a really sweet and kinda funny flash cartoon. It’s actually video in flash. Dunno why it wasn’t just done IN flash anim but <shrug>.

cool pets technology

I wonder how Jasper and Daphne would react to this?

[insert evil grin here]. I sooooo wanna see. This is a new remote-controlled dragonfly that’s being made by the same people who brought you the Robosapien. Unfortunately it hasn’t been made available for sale yet. It has only just been approved by the FCC.

I’m betting that Daphne runs under the dining room table or under the couch. I bet Jasper looks at it frantically for a bit but then goes to sleep in his box.

funny me me me pets photography

New Flickr pictures added

cat stretch closeup

Sorry I haven’t been posting. Wedding planning and work still keep me very busy. To make up for it, here are a few new pictures that I recently took of “the kids”. Jasper acting as weird as ever and Daph finally getting some additional facetime and annoying her brother.

Take a look

I uploaded this through flickr

cathy funny pets

A boob and a …

A boob and a ...

ummm. sorry. I’m a child. 🙂 I couldn’t help it.

additional proof


I uploaded this through flickr


Poor Little Daph McSneezypants

Poor Daph came back from the cat hotel with the sniffles. Wish my phone took better videos and had a better microphone. <sigh>